Kapton® MT - heat conducting insulation

Power supplies, electronic loads, motor controls, solenoid valves, electronic relays, frequency converters - all these devices have one thing in common: Large loads are switched electronically. And where electricity flows, heat losses are generated.
(PresseBox) (Frankenthal, ) CMC Klebetechnik offers a wide variety of heat conducting electro-insulation foils, which can be used for galvanic decoupling in power electronics. The Kapton® MT foil used, has a heat conductivity of 0.35 W/mK and a breakdown voltage of 5 kV (50µm) and/or 3 kV (25 µm).

The benefits in comparison with other methods for heat dissipation are its high flexibility (no risk of breakage as in ceramics or mica), high pressure resistance (no flow-off of the insulation like in silicon rubber, which results in a lessening of the tensile strength), and a defined, always equally thin 'dosage'.

Kapton® is characterized by its outstanding heat stability at temperatures far above 350°C, is UL94 V0-listed (E39505), and has excellent physical and electrical attributes.

A variety of the heat conducting Kapton® adhesive tapes are available: single-sided adhesive coating with high-performance acrylate adhesive (CMC 70791), double-sided adhesive coating (for easier component installation, CMC 70880), adhesive coating on one side, and heat conducting wax on the other (absorbs into the surfaces of cooling unit and component, thus significantly increasing heat conduction, CMC 70821), and double-sided heat conducting wax coating (CMC 70792).

All versions can optionally be delivered as customer-specific cut-outs.
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