VCmaster: hybrid technology for large documents

VCmaster 2012 provides a unique technology with which the user can process files comprising thousands of pages in a text program
VCmaster 2012 (PresseBox) (Fellbach (Stuttgart), ) The t2W hybrid technology combines the advantages of interactive word processing with those made known by PDF technologies. The software manages areas which the user can process just as in any other text program as well as those which must not be processed and as a result are completely offloaded. This clever and complex technology is fully automatic. The user must not intervene and as a rule notices no difference.

Thanks to the new hybrid technology, VCmaster meets the ever-growing demands on digital technical documentation. The performance of the hybrid technology puts other documentation tools thoroughly in the shade. Documents with thousands of pages can be compiled without difficulty as the computer's resources are used optimally and are thus conserved. Huge documents are loaded, processed and stored in a fraction of time. Data can be transferred simply from almost any program using a print driver (see illustration). Intelligent PDF export with compression and encryption options complements the concept. Detailed information can be found at


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