Electronic paper modules with switchable color options simplify the recognition of important information

Pervasive Displays breaks new ground with Beacon(TM) color options
Pervasive Displays Beacon (PresseBox) (Stutensee, ) Pervasive Displays, Inc. (PDI), a leading supplier of commercial and industrial EPDs (EPD stands for "Electrophoretic Display"), which are distributed by Gleichmann Electronics, offers the addition of area color and monocolor to its e paper modules and ECO-Sign solutions in order to emphasize important information.

The innovative Beacon(TM) technology, which was developed by PDI, enables assigning multiple colors to a particular area on the module and the information displayed in this area to be displayed in different colors according to the respective status. The information within the color areas can be turned on and off on demand.

In addition to the basic colors black and white, the monocolor option enables adding any third color to an e-paper module. The color location can change to emphasize different information and draw attention to important updates and exceptions.

Unlike traditional paper, e-paper modules with Beacon color enhancements can dynamically and instantly turn information on and off, as needed, allowing for a multitude of updates anytime. Typical applications include picking systems (parts, article numbers or special instructions can be recognized quickly thanks to the use of color), Kanban cards, automatic conveyer systems or also in retail stores, where special offers, advertised promotions and brand names can be significantly better distinguished from the other signage/information.

As with all e-paper modules and ECO-Sign solutions from PDI, models that use the new Beacon(TM) color options feature ultra-low power consumption, very good readability even in direct sunlight, wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles of almost 180° and high resolution of up to 160 dots per inch

The area color option is already available and, according to Pervasive Displays, Inc. (PDI), the monocolor option will be available from next year. For more information please send an email to tmin@msc-ge.com.


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