Cinegon and Xenoplan: New C-mount lenses with absolutely stable optical axes

(PresseBox) (Bad Kreuznach, ) At VISION 2011, Schneider-Kreuznach is presenting four new C-mount lenses for industrial applications in the Cinegon and Xenoplan series. These four new lenses cover the focal length range from 4.8 to 17 mm, with apertures between 1.4 and 1.8. With these variants, the new lenses are universally usable, even in rough environments.

Conventional lenses can move out of their optimum optical axis due to light to medium vibrations in the micrometre range, despite presumably secure mounting. To address this, Schneider-Kreuznach has brought to market a megapixel compact lens series designed especially for the demanding requirements of 3D measurement. These lenses have absolutely stable optical axes, so that each pixel can be processed exactly by the camera. Resolvable pixel size is under 5 µm. The focusing and iris of the lens, which is set up for an 11 mm image circle, can be locked in the usual manner, and remains permanently stable. The lenses have a broadband coating in the VIS and NIR range of 400 to 1000 nm.

These lenses are very robust, offer very high production repeatability, and are designed for demanding tasks in areas such as industrial 3D applications, machine vision, aerospace, and medicine.

More information on these new Schneider-Kreuznach products is available from 8 to 11 November at VISION 2011 in Stuttgart, Hall 4, Stand 4D18. Or visit our website at


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