New dual PIR-outdoor motion detector by ABUS Security-Center

(PresseBox) (Affing, ) This outdoor motion detector is a passive infrared motion detector with a dual PIR element. It responds to any type of heat movement and is therefore the ideal pre-event for burglar alarm systems or video monitoring systems.

With protection class IP55, AZBW20000 by ABUS Security-Center is ideally equipped for outdoor use and has two disconnected outputs for integration into an alarm or video system. The integrated PIR elements can be panned 180° and tilted 90°, meaning the detector can be installed in virtually any location. The angle of view on the outdoor motion detector is between 10° and 70°, and there a detection range of up to 30 metres (depending on the installation height).

Installation positions opposite sources of heat or near electric cables, gas lines or electronic equipment that generates heat during long periods of operation are not suitable.

New outdoor motion sensor AZBW20000 is available now. For more information please visit our website at


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