The energy saver: Low Power QorIQ™ module TQMP1020 by TQ

TQ Minimodule TQMP1020 (PresseBox) (Seefeld, ) With the TQMP1020, TQ brings onto the market a new embedded module based on the Freescale QorIQ™ P1 platform series. Above-average values in terms of system performance per watt are achieved using the e500v2 core in 45nm technology, tried and tested in PowerQUICC III. The TQMP1020 modules are economical dual-core solutions with 2x 800 MHz, guaranteeing low waste heat when setting up fanless systems in tight spaces. If more performance is needed, they can simply be upgraded. All QorIQ™ based TQ modules are pin-compatible, meaning modules with varying performances can be used for the same base board.
The TQ Minimodule TQMP1020 is ideal for applications in network technology, telecommunications, aviation, military technology and industry. These areas require long-term availability, an extended temperature range and maximum operational reliability – aspects which characterize the QorIQ™ modules.
The special features of the TQMP1020 include the IEEE1588 support for nanosecond time synchronization, the Crypto Engines for secure data transfer, DDR3 for maximum memory capacity and 3x gigabit Ethernet for maximum Ethernet performance.
All functions are housed on a credit-card-sized area spanning 54x74mm² - currently the smallest available size for an embedded QorIQ™ module.
The 360-pole plug connectors provide all relevant processor interfaces, and are suitable for next-generation frequencies (5Gbit/s), enabling compatible modules with USB 3.0 or PCIe 2.0 interfaces to be created in future. The plug connectors used by TQ have been in field use for 15 years and have proven to be extremely robust and reliable in harsh environments.
Apart from the extended temperature range and robust plug connectors, the TQMP1020 also has a series of further security features. Robert Nerbl, TQ product manager for QorIQ™ summarizes these: “The module identifies critical operating states. As soon as an operating voltage moves outside the permitted tolerance, the module is reset to a defined state. All necessary voltages are generated on the module, thereby guaranteeing a safe system boot in all conditions. ECC for the main memory, as well as a NOR Flash for the boot code, enable what is currently the highest possible level of data security, which is important to a lot of our customers.”
The STKP2020 starter kit supports all modules in the TQMP10xx and TQMP20xx series, and acts as a universal platform for evaluating and developing customer-specific platforms for these modules. All relevant functions, interfaces and signals of the TQMP10xx and TQMP20xx modules are available, which significantly facilitates development work. With a starter kit, application work can be commenced directly – without having to wait for the target platform to be completed.


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