Capsulution Nanoscience AG – Further Fundamental Patent Grant is Imminent

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Following a recent notice from the European Patent Office, Berlin-based Capsulution Nanoscience AG can announce that a further fundamental patent grant for its innovative nano- and microencapsulation technology – known as the LBL-Technology® – is imminent.

The patent with the number EP 1064087 covers the manufacture of multifunctional nano- and micron-sized capsules. The tiny capsules can be filled with pharmaceutical drug compounds as well as with other active substances. On the basis of the LBL-Technology® Capsulution develops advanced drug delivery systems, which bring drugs more safely and effectively to the right site of the body.

“This patent grant will secure the sustainability and the defence of our competitive advantage in the field as one of the leading developers of nano- and microcapsules intended for life science applications,” said Dr. Andreas Voigt, Chief Scientific Officer of Capsulution Nanoscience. “Finally, we can support our industrial clients, who demand for highly differentiated products in the market, which can be sustained over a long period of time.”

The LBL-Technology® represents a versatile encapsulation system. For the actual encapsulation, a wide range of FDA-approved polymers can be used. In addition, the capsules’ surface can be functionalized to suit a targeted release in the human body.

Broad field of applications:
Capsulution’s LBL-Technology® platform will soon be used for a wide range of applications. LBL-Solv® is a means of drug reformulation, where water insoluble active compounds are nanoencapsulated to increase their bioavailability. In addition, LBL-Intra is an application specific to intracellular drug delivery. The capsules may also be applied to improve the function of drug-releasing implants as well as to aid the development of nanodiagnostics.


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