AdenoONE(TM) makes working with adenovirus a standard procedure

AdenoONE(TM) makes working with adenovirus a standard procedure (PresseBox) (Munich, ) Adenovirus vector cloning and production still remain tricky with rather low yields and limited success. The brand new AdenoONE(TM) line of support kits turns cloning & production into an easy to schedule project step of less than 4 weeks. AdenoONE(TM) comprises 2 discrete kits: AdenONE(TM) Cloning Kit and AdenoONE(TM) Purification Kit. The latter allows for reliable purification within just 20 minutes. Soon will SIRION BIOTECH, also referred to as Munich's "Cell Competence Center", launch the Ade-noONE(TM) Purification Kit in vivo.

The AdenoONETM Cloning Kit enables recombination based adenoviral vector generation in E.coli cells followed by production in HEK 293 cells, within less than 4 weeks. Adenovirus particles are gen-erated from an E1/E3 deleted adenoviral serotype 5 and therefore comply with required safety stand-ards. SIRION BIOTECH's patent pending BAC technology comprises 2 steps: (a) Cloning of your gene of interest (GOI) or shRNA into the pSP-Adeno shuttle plasmid and (b) FLP mediated recombi-nation in E.coli to obtain your desired Ad5 E1/E3 deleted serotype.

The AdenoONE(TM) Purification Kit enables fast and easy chromatography based adenovirus purifi-cation directly from cell pellet within just 20 minutes. 4 out of 5 purifications show significantly higher yields over current industry standards:

AdenoONE(TM) not only improves reliability of the laboratory's results, it saves time and money: the pSP-Adeno shuttle vector with in total 3 different promoters comes for € 97.5 per reaction, consuma-bles may add another € 42. Purification is just another inexpensive € 27 per reaction. Products for the time being are available via and selected agents in Germany, Japan and USA.


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