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Instrument Systems launches new CCD Array Spectrometer
CAS 120 (PresseBox) (Munich, ) Instrument Systems launches the CAS 120 as a new series of the proven CCD Array Spectrometers. This measuring instrument was specifically developed for price-sensitive applications in spectral light measurement, such as LED production testing or quality assurance. Although costs have been reduced, technical innovations deliver even higher levels of reliability and robustness.

Proven optical design combines with innovative technology

As in the industry leading CAS 140CT from Instrument Systems, a Crossed Czerny Turner Spectrograph with back-illuminated CCD detector forms the core of the spectrometer. This means that the CAS 120 guarantees exceptionally low straylight and a very high level of optical precision. Cost-intensive cooling of the CCD detector with 2048 x 14 pixels was deliberately omitted for the CAS 120. Instead, the temperature of the CCD detector is recorded each time a spectrum is measured, and an innovative algorithm automatically corrects the signal.

The newly developed filter wheel with density filters OD 1 to OD 4 comes without any mechanical position switches and always guarantees exact filter positions. It expands the total dynamic range of the CAS 120 to 8 decades, enabling the measurement of low and high light intensities without manual intervention in the test procedure. The CAS 120 is equipped with a USB interface and a TTL trigger I/O. The hardware trigger permits synchronization with other instruments which is essential for exact measurement results during fast production testing.

Versatile software support

Instrument Systems supplies a DLL and a LabVIEW® driver for use in production environments and at automated measurement stations. SpecWin Pro and SpecWin Light spectral software packages have been developed for a wide range of laboratory applications with functions for analysis and documentation of test results.


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