Weidmüller founds a sales company in Hong Kong

The commitment shows the growing importance as a trading hub / the Taiwanese market should also be served in a targeted fashion
(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) The Weidmüller group has expanded its world-wide sales network and invested again in Asia with the opening of Weidmuller (Hong Kong) Limited just in time for the start of 2012. The sales subsidiary in the South Chinese metropolis marks a new milestone in the company's commitment in the Asia-Pacific region and will provide a sales boost in the region.

"The Asia-Pacific market has tremendous momentum and great potential," explains Volpert Briel, Weidmüller's Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, when describing the reasons for this latest commitment. "Hong Kong is one of the most important financial centres in Asia, and is gaining ever increasing importance in terms of being a hub and node for the sale and distribution of goods. The establishment of a sales company is therefore a logical consequence of this," says Briel. Thanks to the new presence, it will be easier in the future for the company to serve and develop the Taiwanese market in a targeted way, than from the country's interior. "The strength of sales by companies located in the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong's autonomous trade policy and also the huge distances in the Asia-Pacific region were further reasons, to develop another location alongside our sales company located in Shanghai," expands Briel.

The commitment in China is a tradition for Weidmüller. Since 1994 there have been intensive business relationships there, initially in the form of a joint venture, a little later with its own production and development department. "With the founding of our 'Academy Asia', a centre for knowledge transfer and network building, last autumn, we have set a further milestone in the development of a sustainable, world-wide development, production and sales network," says the CEO, Dr. Peter Köhler. "Our presence in Hong Kong now provides an immediate strategic expansion to our positioning in the region and in the Asian market."


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