JPK Instruments AG opens second Imaging Facility at the BIOZ of the TU Dresden

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) JPK Instruments AG Berlin has opened the second imaging center for applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in biomedical research. It is located at the Biotechnological Center (BIOZ) of the TU Dresden. Four complete workstations consisting of optical microscopes, the JPK NanoWizard® BioAFM and CellHesion® Modules provide an extensive base for applications in research, education and demonstrations. Workshops and user training sessions will be held regularly.

The spectrum of applications of the instruments covers LiveCell imaging in combination with fluorescence and confocal microscopy, single molecule experiments on membrane proteins, and force spectroscopy measurements on single molecules and cells. Besides the established cell biology, genomics, proteomics, and tissue-engineering groups in the Dresden BIOZ, two groups will work in particular on the further development and application of microscopic techniques.

Prof. Petra Schwille leads a group of experts focused on the spectroscopy of single molecules, especially single molecule fluorescence, FCS and TIRF. The group of Prof. Daniel Müller is internationally recognized in the field of Atomic Force Microscopy and spectroscopy of biological systems such as membranes, collagen or cells.

The extensive experience of the groups in Dresden will directly benefit the further development of JPK products and will stimulate new AFM applications in the Life Science field. The users on site benefit from close cooperation with the JPK development and applications team.
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