Expansion of Capacity at Omega Optical, Inc.

Cutting Edge Filters
Expansion of Capacity at Omega Optical, Inc. (PresseBox) (Olching, ) LASER COMPONENTS' partner for optical filters, Omega Optical, Inc., was the first filter manufacturer to use dual magnetron reactive sputtering technology (DMRS). With success. Product demand is so high that currently a further powerful DMRS unit is being installed.

The advantages of this modern technology include high evaporation rates and, subsequently, short process times as well as high stability and reproducibility - both within a wafer and from batch to batch. The modern and inexpensive technology guarantees high quality.

All of the filters manufactured by Omega using DMRS technology are sold under the description "QuantaMAX". These products feature steep edges and low pass-band ripples for highest demands. They are used in Raman spectroscopy, image processing, or clinical chemistry. In particular for medium and large quantities this new unit is profitable, which is then reflected in competitive prices for our customers.

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Trade Shows
- Analytica 2012, April, 17-20, 2012, Munich International Trade Fairs, Booth A2.400A
- Optatec 2012, May, 22-25, 2012, Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, Booth E01
- Sensor + Test 2012, May, 22-24, 2012, Nürnberg Exhibition Centre, Booth 12-426


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