Daxten brings together the physical power distribution of the Data Centre with wireless power management, metering and monitoring

The Starline Critical Power Manager (CPM) measures and displays electrical current, voltage, temperature and power at the Busbar End Feed and Plug-in level. (PresseBox) (London, ) Daxten, a leading supplier of Data Centre power solutions has announced the introduction of a wireless power management, metering and monitoring system as part of its extensive product portfolio.

The modular Starline track busbar, a system for physical power distribution in data centres, was recently expanded by adding 250, 400 and 800 Amp rated busbars that can be mounted above racks or under the raised floor in a server room or data centre. For the first time a power distribution solution that fits all performance requirements is available for DC and facility managers that is scalable and is reconfigurable without interrupting the power supply. For example, the tap off units for adding a circuit to the server rack can be inserted and removed on a live track via a simple twist and lock rotation. The power connection between the tap off and the rack can be made through drop cords, commando sockets (16A, 32A, 63A single or three-phase) or just about any other connector on the market. They can be connected with an in-rack PDU (Power Distribution Unit), which feeds servers and other active IT components in the cabinet with power. In terms of an optimised physical power distribution system this integrates perfectly. In order to get the most out of existing power infrastructure, with immediate effect, Daxten offers comprehensive solutions for the management, metering and monitoring of power on track, phase, plug-in, rack, PDU, server and power cord level. The special feature is that the data can be measured wirelessly, consolidated and processed on a single system platform. The new power solutions will be shown at Data Centre World being held at Olympia, London on the 29th February and 1st March. (Daxten Stand E60)

Power metering and monitoring at track, phase and plug-in level

The Starline Critical Power Manager (CPM) measures and displays electrical current, voltage, temperature and power at the Busbar End Feed and Plug-in level. The CPM can be installed directly on the busbar without any cabling or can be integrated into the plug-in unit. The system collects and records all relevant power parameters like V, A, kW, kWh, kVA, total current and degree Celsius and provides the data as detailed energy reports. The collected data can be transferred via web browser-interface or wireless to existing DC or Building Management Systems (BMS). Another option for the DC personnel is to access the power data locally at the track or plug-in by using the touch screen wireless monitor of the CPM.

Power monitoring and management at PDU, rack und server level

To control and monitor power at rack and PDU level with the connected IT components, Daxten offers proprietary user interfaces, cross-system power management and comprehensive DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) solutions from different vendors. These applications can be operated locally by a serial interface, remotely via web browser or (embedded) management software. Performance information such as power consumption (kW or kWh), temperature or trend reports can be tracked and delivered for any single power-port, port groups or the whole PDU unit, each RU space, per rack, rack aisle or for the complete DC environment. In view of the wide range of power management features that the applications are offering it is worth pointing out the option to configure thresholds for power and temperature parameters. In the case that these conditions are exceeded, the DC and facility professionals receive automated alerts via SNMP, SMS or Email. In addition it is possible to predefine critical scenarios; if these appear the management tool can automatically take counter measures, for instance by shutting a PDU or server down, by itself. Many of the power management or DCIM solutions can be embedded once again into a comprehensive BMS.

Power cables with embedded measurement intelligence

A true innovation is represented by the technology to track the power data directly at the power or PDU cabling. For this Packet Power, a new vendor that is distributed by Daxten across EMEA, has integrated the power measurement technology in its power cables. As soon as these are connected with servers, PDUs, serial and many further devices, the power cables begin to capture detailed information on power usage (amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, volt amps reactive, power factor, spikes and sags) and temperatures. For any cable the collected data can be consolidated by a wireless network and transferred to common power management, DCIM or BMS systems for the final preparation and analysis.

Centralised power data evaluation and optimisation in the Data Centre

The measurements of all components that are parts of the power distribution and power consumption infrastructure of a data centre are delivered via web, copper, fibre or wireless network to a dedicated power management tool or comprehensive DCIM or BMS solution. There the data is bundled, processed centrally and set up to a detailed power usage report. This is the only way to control and evaluate a complete DC power infrastructure and to determine the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) based on valid data. Further this procedure is a necessary requirement for all serious approaches to increase the energy and resource efficiency in data centres – significantly and sustainably.

Interested customers should contact Daxten to arrange an individual demonstration to see the new power distribution, management, monitoring and metering solutions. Or visit Data Centre World in London, on the 29th February and 1st March at the Daxten stand E60.

The new products are available from Daxten with immediate effect. For further information please contact Daxten on +44 (0)20 8991 6200, info.uk@daxten.com or visit www.daxten.co.uk.


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