Softing launches OPC UA .NET Development Toolkits based on the Sample Code of the OPC Foundation

Softing – OPC UA .NET Development Toolkits (PresseBox) (Haar, ) Softing has taken the OPC Foundation's reference implementation and raised it to the level of a standard Softing OPC Development Toolkit. The Softing OPC UA .NET Development Toolkit, based on the OPC Foundation sample code, offers increased usability through an optimized application programming interface (API), improved documentation and additional sample projects.

The Softing OPC UA .NET Development Toolkits V1.00 enable developers to build OPC UA clients and servers for moving data and information from the factory floor to the enterprise level in their preferred .NET development environment. Softing's OPC UA .NET Client Development Toolkit is aimed at supervisory control and human-machine interface software application providers, while the OPC UA .NET Server Development Toolkit is aimed at manufacturers of automation equipment, such as controllers, drives and sensors.

"With its rapid deployment tools, Softing's OPC UA .NET Development Toolkit will accelerate adoption of OPC UA by simplifying product development," says Thomas Burke, president and executive director of OPC Foundation. "The Softing product(s) provide quality rapid deployment of OPC UA products seamlessly for the Microsoft platform(s) as well as the embedded market"

The new OPC UA .NET Client Development Toolkit V1.00 will replace the .NET API of Softing's existing OPC UA Client Development Toolkit Version 5.11.

For more than 14 years Softing, has been a major supplier of OPC Development Toolkits to developers of OPC clients and servers around the world. Currently, the Softing OPC portfolio comprises 20 versions of OPC Development Toolkits for classic OPC or Unified Architecture covering e.g. Data Access (DA), Alarms & Events (AE) and XML-DA for Windows, Windows CE, Linux or VxWorks.

Softing's OPC UA .NET Development Toolkits V1.00 will be available from February 20, 2012. Fully functional demos can be downloaded via from this date on also.

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