u²t Photonics unveils the world’s fastest coherent Photodetector up to 64 Gbaud

64 Gbaud Coherent Photodetector (PresseBox) (Berlin, ) u²t Photonics AG, the provider of innovative, leading-edge optoelectronic components such as highly functional integrated receivers and modulators, today announced the world's fastest coherent photodetector supporting up to 64 Gbaud for next generation networks using 400 Gbit/s or 1 Tbit/s coherent detection-based optical transmission..

The device, the CPDV1200R, extends u²t's family of highly integrated coherent photodetectors and receivers. The coherent detector module consists of a polarization diversity network as well as two 90° hybrids and 4 balanced photodiode pairs monolithically integrated on InP.

The optical frontend with four coaxial single-ended outputs and a typical bandwidth of 40 GHz is capable to detect up to 64 Gbaud polarization diversity x-QAM signals featuring high common mode rejection ratio and extremely low inter-polarization skew of less than 2ps. The device can therefore be used in next generation long haul transmission systems at data rates of 400 Gbit/s and beyond but is also perfectly suited for Test & Measurement applications as well as ongoing R&D activities.

u²t will start sampling the product in March 2012.


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