LED technology for homogeneous surface lighting by Z-LASER

LED technology for homogeneous surface lighting by Z-LASER (PresseBox) (Freiburg, Germany, ) Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH now offers customized OEM Moodlight components (like electronics, customized LED solutions, plastic components) for different industry branches (medical technology, furniture industry, architecture solutions).

The usability and the well-being of the patient or end customers link themselves in an ideal way with a design variety of free selectable colours of user-defined housing surfaces. An important aspect of the homogeneous colour surfaces is the small building depth starting from 4 mm. The PMMA (polymethyl metacrylate) is resistant to chemicals by a special procedure and scratch-proofed. Free selectable optical possibilities (transparency, opaque glass effect in desired gradation and/or opacity) leave open a multiplicity of possibilities to the user in the field of product design, in order to equip the product most significantly and with optimal customer use.

"Test the discreet pastel tones and you will be in for the high jump! The colour changing LED surfaces are a genuine eye-catcher", confirms Peter Reck, product manager for LED and medical technology at Z-LASER. Depending upon the requirement, different control profiles can be called up e.g. for impressive lighting in a single strong colour or reciprocating straight through the entire colour palette.

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