New Mini-Tripods with Linear Motors

The new 3-axis-positioning systems allow highest precision in the low nanometer region.
Size of the Tripod - Not bigger than a tea cup (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The newest development of ALIO Industries are very compact Mini-Tripods, which are actuated by linear motors and counterbalanced pneumatically after the same principle of their bigger predecessors.

This allows you again to achieve highest precision as well as dynamic combined with a very long lifetime even under harsh conditions in 24/7 mode.

The Tripod TRI-LM-600-56R achieves a Z-shift of 6 mm and tilt-angles of ±3°. The maximum height is 146.6 mm at Z-High-Stroke position.

The Tripod TRI-LM-2400 achieves 24 mm Z-shift and tilt angles of ±15° with a maximum height of 185 mm.

Together with optional XY- and rotary stages these Tripods can be upgraded to six-axis-systems, performing better than any comparable Hexapod on the market.
Our multi axis controller and software allow fast and uncomplicated setup of the systems for your application.

Tuning and quality test of all systems is being done traceable to NIST standard over the whole travel range. So also practically we can achieve and prove accuracies, repeatabilites, linearity, straightness, small pitch/yaw/roll failures in the low nanometer or below arcsecond region.

Typical applications can be found in the laser applications, optical industry, metrology laboratories, if for example optical components or fibers have to be positioned very precisely.


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