BioID announces MyBioID beta personal recognition service

New cloud-based service revolutionizes 50-year-old user name/password authentication and empowers users to manage their digital identities
One person can have many different digital identities. MyBioID helps people cope with the growing number of online accounts and identities. (PresseBox) (Carson City, ) BioID, Inc., a provider of biometric recognition and identity management for online and mobile applications, announced today the beta release of its personal recognition service MyBioID. The cloud-based service offers an easy and secure way for users to log into multiple internet accounts, authorize transactions, and manage their growing numbers of digital identities, without remembering dozens of passwords and PINs or carrying security tokens. By using a webcam to recognize the physical presence of the user, it greatly reduces the chances of data and identity theft throughout the session. The basic version will be free to consumers, and qualified beta testers will receive a free year of MyBioID Pro with an unlimited number of authentications.

MyBioID is platform- and device-independent and requires only a standard webcam. Users can access any of the hundreds of thousands of websites and services that support login with OpenID, and can also keep track of their online accounts, schedule account lockout times using “account sleep”, see a history of logins, and even be notified if someone else attempts to log into their account.

“Frankly, the current methods for logging in and managing identity – mostly still a single ‘good old’ password for each and every online account – are a nightmare for end users and service providers alike, because they are hard to manage and don’t really prove the presence of the authorized user,” said Ho Chang, President of BioID, Inc. “Our team is committed to offering a simple and powerful model, one that improves the convenience, security and privacy of online identities, and delivers a better user experience in dealing with the chaos of countless internet accounts and digital identities.”

Beta users can sign up now at


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