MyBioID personal recognition service supports OpenID authentication protocols

Biometric OpenID provider recognizes users with just a webcam, enables use of OpenID for strong authentication applications
MyBioID Logo and OpenID Logo (PresseBox) (Carson City and San Ramon, ) BioID, Inc., a provider of biometric recognition and identity management for online and mobile applications, and the OpenID Foundation, the open standard community dedicated to driving the development and broad adoption of OpenID technology, announced today MyBioID’s support of the OpenID protocol for website developers, making it the first OpenID provider to offer biometric authentication with no special hardware or client software. Using the OpenID standard makes it easy for online service providers to integrate MyBioID with their own services.
“With biometric authentication that verifies the presence of the user, MyBioID brings the benefits of OpenID to new applications, such as finance and large enterprises, that need stronger authentication,” noted Don Thibeau, Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation. “This brings us one step closer to a world where a user can choose to access all of their accounts through a single login.”
The cloud-based MyBioID service offers an easy, secure way for users to log into multiple online accounts and manage their online identities. It reduces the chances of data and identity theft, using a webcam to recognize the user without remembering dozens of user names and passwords.
OpenID relying parties (websites and online service providers who already accept OpenID authentication) can instantly allow their users to take advantage of MyBioID’s simple webcam-based recognition, and other website developers can choose to integrate with MyBioID using standard open-source OpenID libraries.
“Many online service providers today are looking for ways to get out of the business of managing user credentials and authentication, and OpenID provides an easy-to-implement way to accomplish this,” said Ho Chang, President of BioID, Inc. “With MyBioID’s webcam-based face, voice and iris recognition, even companies with high security applications can securely outsource identity and authentication while avoiding a complex implementation.”
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