Stable Top or Top Hat

Diffractive Optical Elements - A Comparison
Stable Top or Top Hat (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Diffractive optical elements are used with high power lasers at an increasing rate. Achieving a homogeneous intensity distribution (top hat) in the laser beam is very difficult in industrial applications. The demands on the incoming beam are high when using a top hat element. In addition to exact specifications, extremely exact positioning must be guaranteed. Even slight deviations lead directly to a deterioration of the beam profile.

For this reason the product was further developed by Holo/OR. So-called stable-top elements are now availabe that combine the positive characteristics of the good homogeneity of a top hat with the flexibility of a homogenizer. Stable tops have steep edges and are not as sensitive to x/y positioning and the incoming beam. However, they exhibit a certain amount of waviness and a spike at the edge.

Stable tops can be developed to meet customer specifications for all wavelengths, typically from 355 nm to 10.6 μm. The first standard elements are available for 10.6 μm, 1064 nm, and 532 nm. LASER COMPONENTS is the official distributor for these elements.

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