PNP and universal electronics for UWT rotating paddle switches range

Ingeniously simple level controls for bulk solids with UWT rotating paddle switches
PNP and universal voltage for rotary paddle switches (PresseBox) (Betzigau, ) PNP Electronics
The new PNP electronics for the Rotonivo® 3000 and Rotonivo® 4000 ranges uses 3-wire electronics technology with a non-contact output, open collector, PNP. The maximum output current is 0.4A.
These electronics can be connected to any standard PLC with 24V DC power supply and PNP input card. The detection signal – the sensor switched to either ‘full/occupied’ or ‘empty/unoccupied’ – is not via micro switches as in the past, but using Hall sensors. Via two Potentiometers, both detection signals 1 and 0 can be time delayed. Additionally a jumper can be switched between FSH and FSL. Heating protection has been installed in the electronics in order for the device to be used in temperatures of less than -20 ° C.

Universal Electronics
Every electrical device has to be designed for an operating voltage specified by the manufacturer. Because of the high diversity of electronics, international compatibility cannot be ensured. Companies around the world are faced with this challenge: of how these electrical devices and components in the globally distributed systems can be each compatible at their destination of use.
The rotating paddle switches within the Rotonivo® series are uniquely available without a jumper and microswitch. The devices are designed with integral heating. The heating function is via a pulsed current which is generated by the motor, even when it is in its shutdown state.
The Universal Voltage system is available for all 24V DC and AC voltages around the world. This offers companies worldwide the benefit of simple project and installation management. This has the result of a simplified product list and options and reduced storage capacity requirements.


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