Dropbox Digital Asset Management Layer from Picturepark

Files from Picturepark cloud and on-premise DAM solutions can now be syndicated to Dropbox for file distribution that’s secure, managed and available offline
Dropbox integration (PresseBox) (Aarau, ) Digital asset management software maker Picturepark® has released Dropbox Connector for Picturepark, which integrates Picturepark DAM software with the Dropbox for Teams file storage and sharing service. Dropbox for Teams users can now take advantage of Picturepark digital asset management services for control over files in their Dropbox accounts, and Picturepark users can now leverage Dropbox for managed corporate file syndication and distribution that’s easy and foolproof.

“Companies that use Dropbox need control over the files their employees distribute,” said Jacques Isler, Head of Services for Picturepark. “By adding a professional DAM layer over Dropbox, companies and users alike can now be sure the files that appear on their mobile devices are approved, ready for release and always in the right format.”

Picturepark files are synchronized to Dropbox for Teams accounts from where they can be shared with all or selected Dropbox users, regardless of whether those users have accounts on the Picturepark DAM. Files updated via Picturepark are automatically syndicated to previous recipients, ensuring everyone always has the most recent version of every file.

“Imagine updating your price list Picturepark, knowing your entire global sales team will have fresh copies on their iPhones and Android devices in no time,” said David Diamond, Director of Global Marketing for Picturepark. “Syndication means you don’t have to beg people to download updates.”

Dropbox Connector for Picturepark supports the powerful Picturepark derivative management features, which means files sent to Dropbox are always in formats and versions appropriate for mobile use. User language, file size and format, and other considerations can be configured in advance.

“The space between Picturepark and the end user should never become a barrier,” explained Picturepark CEO, Ramon Forster. “Dropbox Connector for Picturepark means users can rest assured that the files they need are always available to them, even when an Internet connection is not.”

Picturepark customers should contact their Picturepark account representatives to activate Dropbox Connector for Picturepark on their Picturepark installations, or to learn more.


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