Two speeders were sentenced thanks to PoliScanspeed speed measuring system by Vitronic

105 and 117 kph faster than allowed: the "winner" of the illegal race is PoliScan speed.
Even if cars are driving closely next to each other, PoliScan speed can clearly identify speeders. (PresseBox) (Wiesbaden, ) Two ruthless speedsters were flashed doing a race in Western Australia. The speed measuring system revealed: they were 105 kph (65 mph) and 117 kph (73 mph) above the official speed limit. Conventional radar technology would probably not have caught them. Thanks to Vitronic's modern PoliScan speed laser-based technology, the two were sentenced to high fines and long-term suspension of their driver licenses.

Even if cars are driving closely next to each other, the PoliScan speed speed measuring system by Vitronic can clearly identify speeders. A fact two speedsters just experienced as they were caught on camera driving at 195 kpm (121 mph) and 207 kph (129 mph) where only 90 kph (56 mph) were allowed. At the time of the offense they were driving nearly next to each other.
This case would have been dismissed if conventional technology had been used, as it cannot distinguish the measured values of two vehicles driving next to each other. However, the PoliScanspeed speed measuring system uses laser-based technology. It can even clearly allocate measured data to vehicles that are driving closely behind each other or next to each other.
One of the two speeders pleaded guilty right at the beginning of the trial. The second driver first claimed that only the other one had been speeding and wanted to challenge the charges. In the end an expert report ordered by the police eventually convinced the defense.
"There is no doubt we can capture two cars at once and we will fight any challenges, especially for hoon matters," said Inspector Mark Ripley, in charge of traffic control, according to newspaper "The West Australian": " It was extremely dangerous driving." The two speeders were sentenced to fines of 750 and 1200 Australian dollars, and their driver licenses were suspended for six and 15 months.


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