SECUDE’s Full Disk Encryption Solution is Compatible to Windows 8 Consumer Preview

FinallySecure Enterprise passes functional test with Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System
SECUDE | Michael Kummer | Product Manager FinallySecure Enterprise (PresseBox) (Darmstadt, ) SECUDE’s endpoint security solution, FinallySecure Enterprise, is ready for the upcoming release of Microsoft’s new Operating System, Windows 8. The Full Disk Encryption solution has been architected to support future technologies and has passed the preliminary tests with the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8. As a result, users of SECUDE’s reliable security solution can continue using the software without any interruption when they upgrade to Windows 8.

Michael Kummer, SECUDE’s Product Manager FinallySecure Enterprise, stated that the internal tests have confirmed that the Full Disk Encryption solution works with the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. “The test results are so impressive that I can promise you full compatibility with the final version of Windows 8 already.” SECUDE started testing the security solution’s compatibility early to ensure that its users can continue using the reliable Full Disk Encryption solution once Windows 8 becomes available in the market. “The fact that FinallySecure Enterprise works out of the box under Windows 8 is proof of its outstanding architecture”, said Michael Kummer. “We will be ready for our customers, once Windows 8 hits the shelves.”

FinallySecure Enterprise encrypts the entire hard drive and offers strong Pre-Boot Authentication even before Windows starts. Additionally, users can authenticate using smart cards and digital certificates. This helps customers to become compliant with various data protection laws; the solution also prevents data from falling into the wrong hands, in case of lost or stolen devices.

The solution’s flexible management console is easy to use and reduces operating costs. FinallySecure Enterprise is the first software- and hardware-based Full Disk Encryption solution that offers complete protection on all available devices.

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The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 represents the latest pre-release of Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System. The software can be downloaded from Microsoft’s webpage and features a completely new user interface compared to previous versions.


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