Solar radiation measurement

Ge:Net expands the range of products
(PresseBox) (Clausthal-Zellerfeld, ) On-site measurement to calculate the potential energy yield is a usual procedure in the wind industry – now it enters the solar industry. On customers request Ge:Net developed a measuring station to collect the solar radiation data on site.

The measurement of the solar radiation can be used to develop solar parks precisely, to calculate the potential energy yield, or to control and verificate the power production of existing solar power plants. Ge:Net controls the measurement station using a scientific data logger, which collects data from the sensors and sends them via GSM to the companies server and to the client. Only high quality precision instruments are used as sensors. The stations are equipped with pyranometers, albedometers, shadow rings, sun trackers and meteorological sensors. The sun tracker which automatically adjusts to the position of the sun is used to calculate the direct radiation from the sun by computing the difference between the global radiation and the diffuse radiation.

Allthough with this new type of products Ge:Net enters the solar industry for the first time, the stations benefit from more than ten years of experience in the field of wind measurement. Though the branch is different the key competence of Ge:Net is the same: the programming of data logger and the integration of sensors and other in-struments in one functioning, reliable system.


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