(PresseBox) (Wien, ) CEP4 is FEMTOLASERS latest generation of Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilization techniques, continuing the tradition of CEP innovation and success established over the past decade by CEP1 - CEP3. CEP4's outstanding quality opens new realms of CEP stabilization.

Via a direct feed-forward approach, the CEP drift is corrected on-the-fly after the free-running, passively stable FEMTOSOURCE(TM) rainbow(TM) ultrafast oscillator.

Zero phase slip, i.e., a train of pulses with identical waveform, is now as easy to obtain as any other slip rate.

Unprecedented performance and reliability, both short- and long-term, are ensured by the CEP4 stabilization operation (F. Lücking et al., Optics Letters, published online (2012)).

The CEP4 approach is packaged in a compact and robust module available together with the FEMTOSOURCE(TM) rainbow(TM) oscillator. The latter generates the shortest optical pulses commercially available with highest quality, stability, and reproducibility.


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