Brightness Sensor with Transmitter 0...10 V

Brightness Sensor with Transmitter 0...10 V (PresseBox) (Donaueschingen, ) The brightness sensor is a light sensor for building automation. It is protected against over-voltage and voltage fluctuations and suitable for continious operations. For the measurement of intensity of illumination a precise and longterm stable photodiode is used. Advanced sensor technology provides a digitally processed signal transformed into a linear analog output voltage. The module has a high sensitivity over a wide range of different light levels. Thus the brightness sensor can also be used under very bright lighting conditions.

- Customized wide measuring range up to 100000 lux
- 3-point calibrated and linearized
- Longtime stability
- Brightness sensor and transmitter combined in one housing
- High quality housing with Ingress protection IP65

- Building automation
- Solar Sensors
- Light sensors for switching devices powered by solar applications
- Sensors to provide measurements of the illuminance in rain protected weather stations


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