Premiere at the Intersolar - SiG Solar makes it possible: the first digital video art installation free of emissions worldwide

Installation artist Fabrizio Plessi presents his newest video project nestled between antique philosophy and modern technology at the Intersolar 2012 / Video installation transforms energy from the sun into virtual pictorial worlds
The video artist Fabrizi Plessi has installed nine towers with digital video impressions inside the middle of the antique temple area of Agrigento, Sicily. For the first time, an artist is using the energy of the sun to create virtual worlds (PresseBox) (Stuhr/Bremen, ) Art and Renewable Energies - For the first time, the internationally renowned Italian video artist and artistic consultant to the fashion label Louis Vuitton, Fabrizio Plessi, has dared to address a topic bridging the gap between art and photovoltaics, placing these two apparent opposites in relation to each other. The unusual project - a large-sized video installation entitled MONUMENTA located in the temple ruins of the Sicilian city of Agrigento - connects the content of antique philosophy with the achievements of modern technology. To do this, Plessi has integrated nine monumental, accessible tower constructions made out of tuff into the antique ruins in the valley of temples from Agrigento in Sicily. In the towers, video installations can be seen, taking up the world view of the antique philosopher Empedocles and dealing with the forces of nature: fire, water, air and earth. The PV modules installed on the roof deliver electricity free of emissions and provide the work of art with an entirely new dimension. MONUMENTA can be seen until 5 November 2012 on the grounds of the "Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento" (Sicily). At Intersolar the artist will be presenting his innovative artistic approach to the global audience of specialists.

The video installations of Fabrizio Plessi illuminate the interiors of a row of monumental artistic towers. He was inspired by the antique Greek temples from the fifth century before Christ, in which he has integrated his work of art. In total, Plessi has set up nine temples - each one six metres high and two times three metres in horizontal outline. Their appearance refers to an antique sacrificial altar near the Temple of Zeus. The towers are spread out among the temples as if they had fallen from the heavens. Each individual tower is hollowed out and creates a space for emotional, digital video installations. In his installations, Plessi invokes the thoughts and theories of the antique Sicilian philosopher Empedocles, who is considered to have founded the concept of the four basic elements - water, air, fire and earth - which make up the world. From the outside, the elements look like solid stone colossi, as if they were parts of the ruins in the temple area. In the inside, they dissolve into primary elements, come alive, such as lava, rain, wind and thunderstorms.

Plessi's installation brings topics such as "Respect for the Environment" into clear focus and strives for a balance between man and nature in its presentation. His work of art in Sicily opens up a dialogue between the past and the future. By integrating his work into the great feats of constructions of antique civilization, he leads us to an entirely new complex of topics, ones never before discussed - the interplay between art and the modern world of renewable energies. Thanks to the support of SiG Solar, the energy for Plessi's digital installation is generated by one of the most modern photovoltaic plants and thus makes this video art possible, without polluting the environment in the least. Never before has an artist dared to close ranks between futuristic art and renewable energies. The photovoltaic modules from Sun Earth by SiG Solar are attached to the roof of the monoliths - only for the purpose of transforming the solar energy into virtual pictorial worlds.

Furthermore, the video installation was supported by the Art Gallery Contini, the Fondazione Roma-Mediterraneo and the Il Cigno GG Edizioni.

On the Intersolar trade fair, the artist Fabrizio Plessi will be presenting his newest project on Thursday, 14 June at 2:00 p.m. at the SiG Solar GmbH's fair stand: Stand 460, Hall A1. Why a photovoltaic specialist has sponsored an art project will be explained by both SiG Solar managing directors Jan-Christian Schröder and Alessandro Delladio. All those involved in the project will be available for individual interviews directly afterwards.

Fabrizio Plessi

Fabrizio Plessi was born in 1940 in the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy. After completing his studies at the Artistic Lyceum and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, he has continued developing his artistic focus toward installations, film, video and performance since the end of the sixties. He became well-known thanks to his "Landmark Roma" installation at the documenta in Kassel, Germany in 1987. He is a pioneer in the world of video installations. His works are found in, among others, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in New York and in the Biennial Garden of Venice. Fabrizio Plessi has been closely cooperating with the internationally renowned fashion label Louis Vuitton on an artist level for five years.


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