Renowned Companies rely on Just for perfect color control

Just Normlicht's standardized lighting systems successfully in action at drupa
Renowned companies relying on standardized lighting systems from Just Normlicht (PresseBox) (Weilheim/Teck, ) Just Normlicht, a pioneer and leading manufacturer of devices for the visual evaluation of colors and surfaces for the graphic, photographic, textile and automobile industry, is very pleased with the acceptance of their standardized lighting systems at Drupa.

Wherever perfect color and light were of major importance, Just Normlicht's solutions were in action, in nearly every hall at Drupa 2012. Many renowned companies relied on the state of the art solutions by Just Normlicht, amongst them:
- Alwan used Just Virtual proofStation for demonstrations.
- Canon showed proofStation 20.
- CGS/Oris used Just moduLight to illuminate a wall in their booth for proof viewing.
- ColorLogic chose Color Communicator.
- Colorware showed proofStation 10 SP.
- Compose Systems used the Just CtP Plate Inspection Station.
- Dalim Software showed Virtual proofStation.
- Digital Information used Proofstation 3B.
- EFI showed Just proofStation 20 on display with the new Fiery RIP.
- Epson chose proofStation 20.
- Eizo Nanao used proofStation 20 SP.
- Fogra showed 5 Just proofStation 20 viewing booths for their »Printing the Expected« exhibit.
- Fujifilm chose a Just Color Proof Station 3B for their color viewing area at Drupa.
- GMG used moduLight 4/58 SY, moduLight 2/36 AS and moduLight 2/36 AS.
- Inometa showed Proofstation 0B
- IPAGSA chose Proofstation 3B.
- K-Flow, Quato and basICColor used Smartt Soft Proof box powered by Just Normlicht.
- Konica-Minolta chose Just proofStation 20 for color viewing at their booth. Just LED Technology is being used by Konica Minolta in their Color Measurement and Control.
- MAN-Roland showed Just lighting for their press console.
- Pantone uses Just Normlicht solutions - for almost two decades.
- Serendipity Software chose Just proofStation 20 SP viewing booth to show their new Veripress Solution that supports the Just USB interface.
- Xerox showed proofStation 10.

Photographs of companies, people and solutions can be found here:


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