Free Pre-Registration of Domains at .nz

Important policy change at nz-domains become probably
New Zealand: You get soon domains like (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) The nz-domains are the domains of New Zealand. The nz-domains belong to the unrestricted domains. Everybody can register nz-domains.

You cannot register at .nz, you must register at official subdomains like,,, and The nz-domains look now like e.g.

The Domain Name Commission has proposed recently the registration direct at .nz: The new nz-domain would look like Because of this interesting development ICANN accredited Registrar Secura starts the pre-registration of the new nz-domains.

New Zealand has a developed market economy with a purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita of about US$ 28,000. The high income per capita makes New Zealand to a valuable market for exports, in spite of its relatively small population of about 4,4 million inhabitants. New Zealand forms, like experts analyze, a typical "island economy", which is heavily dependent on exports and imports. Exports account for 24 percent of its economic output.

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