ESTOS and SELTA to face the challenges of Unified Communications & Collaboration

(PresseBox) (Cadeo (Italy)/Starnberg (Germany), ) Cadeo (Italy)/Starnberg (Germany) − ESTOS, an independent software vendor for Unified Communications and CTI solutions and Selta, the major Italian producer and European leader in the field of communication systems for the business world, and have signed an important partnership agreement. Selta has chosen to include ProCall Enterprise in their business offer as a third party UC solution on a worldwide level. ProCall Enterprise will allow its customers to take advantage of the latest generation of innovative communication-enabled business processes – integrating existing business applications (CRM, ERP or vertical market applications) with communication solutions, services that combine productive and communication processes.

Continuous technological evolution in the public and private communications industry has, on one hand, introduced innovative services such as VOIP, Video conferencing and Unified Communications and Collaboration, making them easily accessible, but on the other hand, it has led to fragmentation in the market with difficult to compare, varying solutions.

After completing strict laboratory tests ESTOS and Selta can guarantee a perfect integration of both solutions as well as the adherence to market standards. This leads into a close technical and commercial cooperation between the two vendors in order to be able to approach the market with maximum efficiency in joined projects. A perfect union of two elements: Selta with the IP-PBX SAMIP platform family based on standard protocols such as TAPI, LDAP, ISDN, SIP, and ESTOS with ProCall Enterprise, the Unified Communications solution with CTI, “rich” presence management, instant messaging and federation as well as a centralized access to corporate directories where technologies from multiple vendors coexist.

Different by nature.

ESTOS produces and sells innovative standard modules for Unified Communications, engineered to provide advanced integration to groupware applications like Microsoft Office or Lotus Notes by IBM and to CRM/ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar, Salesforce, Zucchetti and many others.

SELTA is the major Italian producer of full-IP and IP-PBX communication solutions. The SAMIP platform family is one of the most successful in the field of convergence between the IP world and the traditional TDM world. Networks based on SAMIP allow the classic analogue and digital terminals to be connected with VoIP telephones without compromising the range of services available and their quality. SAMIP is a widely scalable solution and thus suitable for all types of companies. Similar, due to attraction and curiosity, able to glimpse the market potential and tackle it professionally.

"In today’s world, those who introduce strategies aimed at Unified Communications are winners, but even more so are those who adopt products that ensure maximum adherence to standard protocols, with special attention to the ability to integrate IT infrastructures and corporate processes with communication functionalities, keeping an eye on preserving present and future investments in economic and infrastructural terms", says Alessandro Parisi, Managing Director of ESTOS Italia Srl.

"The values that have always defined us are our capacity to innovate and our attention to the customer. For this reason we decided to face the market challenges of Unified Communications & Collaboration for small and mid-sized companies, adopting a standard solution that meets the needs of the customer and allows us to quickly expand the business towards the distribution chain. We are already committed to the organization of technical and commercial training in order to maximize the benefit that we feel these solutions can have offer to those who adopt them", comments Lorenzo Chiapponi, Marketing Operating Manager of SELTA Spa.


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