Dschingis Khan Online – New strategy MMO announced for the German market

New browser game offers challenging mix of strategy, warfare and construction gaming with high immersion
(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) Düsseldorf, June 21st, 2012 – Very soon warrior hordes will march into great campaigns. "Dschingis Khan Online" (DKO) throws its players into the role of the first Great Khan of the Mongols with the goal of becoming the Khan of all Khans. The game combines classical strategy features with successful elements of massive multiplayer online game (MMO) and role-playing game (RPG) elements like individual character-building and a comprehensive hero management.
Complex and highly in-depth
The new MMO is an impressive Free2Play game showing great depth and complexity. DKO is set at the time of Dschingis Khan, who united the Mongolian tribes and led them to become the largest continuous empire in world history. Following his footsteps, each player sends his own armies into battle or joins powerful clans. Opponents, either computerized or controlled by other players, can be attacked by glorious heroes. Prior to this the user has to establish and build up towns as well as produce raw materials and goods. In addition to active management of resources for developing and expanding cities and armies, DKO offers an extensive role-play element to manage and enhance heroes.
Battle, strategy and trade
"Dschingis Khan Online" combines the management of individual units with strategy and RPG attributes in a completely new type of real-time simulation. First, each player is asked to build his own city managing economic performance, health, culture and happiness of the citizens to increase success and the influence of the city. Eight different building stages allow more complex units and technologies to take advantage of. Diplomacy and trade allows the peaceful cooperation among nations; warfare allows exciting battles between heroes and armies. With extensive spec and skill trees, various armor plus weapons for each hero, DKO also relies on in-depth RPG elements to individualize the armies.
Behind DKO, GOLDkiwi is a 100% subsidiary of net mobile AG and specialist in the marketing of mobile and online entertainment services, as well as my mobile company GmbH, an expert in the marketing of mobile value added services. "The online game market in Germany is extremely attractive. Therefore, we are very happy about our strategic move into this newly-establishing sector. For this task we have formed an experienced team of computer and video game experts”, said Mei Li, Managing Director of Media GOLDkiwi. Jochen Hollweg, Managing Director of my company mobile GmbH, is looking forward to the launch of the beta: "We are very pleased with Dschingis Khan, a completely new kind of Browser game for the German market. Our goal is to offer games lovers a Free2Play strategy browser game that stands out for the first time with complexity, depth and aspiration."
DKO Closed Beta starts today. For beta key queries, please contact us at any time. For more information please visit www.derkhan.de or www.facebook.de/derkhan.

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The GOLDkiwi is a 100% subsidiary of net mobile AG and specialist in the marketing of mobile and online entertainment services. The vision is: Entertainment for every circumstance. Meanwhile GOLDkiwi has a sales structure in eight European countries. In addition, a broad product portfolio is highly specialized in the entertainment audience. The first browser game to be released under GOLDkiwi in German-speaking states, Dschingis Khan Online. It will be followed by more browser games.

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