Dell Wyse-Kunden erlangen signifikante Vorteile durch Cloud Client Computing

VDI-Einsatz wächst, Unternehmen gewinnen durch besseres Management, niedrigeren TCO und mehr Sicherheit
(PresseBox) (Hallbergmoos bei München, ) Dell Wyse, führender Anbieter von Cloud-Client-Computing-Lösungen, erfreut sich anhaltender guter Nachfrage der Hardware-Produkte und Virtualisierungs-Software. Hierzu zählen auch die Desktop-Virtualisierungs-Lösungen für Citrix: Auf der Citrix Synergy 2012, der bedeutendsten Veranstaltung im Bereich Cloud Computing, Virtualisierung und Networking, die vom 9. bis zum 11. Mai in San Francisco stattfand, bestätigte sich die positive Geschäftsentwicklung.

„Citrix und Dell Wyse arbeiten seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich zusammen, um IT-Nutzern die besten Technologie-Lösungen bereitzustellen“, sagt Maryam Alexandrian, Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales and Channels bei Dell Wyse. „Quer über alle Wirtschaftsbereiche hinweg, seien es Fincial Services, Healthcare, Behörden oder Bildungseinrichtungen, streben beide Unternehmen durch die Entwicklung von innovativen Technologien nach der stetigen Verbesserung der Benutzererfahrung.“

Diese Zielsetzung demonstrierte Dell Wyse auf der Citrix Synergy mit einem breiten Spektrum an Cloud Client Computing Lösungen und der Enthüllung der bahnbrechenden „VDI in a box“-Lösung.

Weitere Zitate in englischer Originalfassung:
Cancer Research UK is Britain’s leading cancer charity and is dedicated to beating cancer through research. The charity is migrating systems to the cloud using the latest Dell Wyse and Citrix technologies to simplify IT management while improving the end user experience for staff in its head office and call centre. As Jane Swindle, IS Service Manager, Cancer Research says:

“The greater efficiencies of a successful, reliable virtual desktop infrastructure means that Cancer Research UK can put IS operational costs back into its life-saving work. Together Dell Wyse and Citrix are enabling us to build and run a virtual desktop infrastructure that’s easy and cost effective to manage and will evolve with the charity’s needs for the best possible information tools.”

John Trujillo, VP of Technology
Pacific Life Insurance Company, Newport Beach, CA
"Pacific Life is embracing the cloud with a focus on business value, capabilities and employee work/life balance issues and virtualization is the key enabler. Our combination of Dell Wyse and Citrix is the key to the company's remote worker strategy and has helped us solve two key problems: how to grow within our current office environment, and how to avoid the cost of having to build a data center."

Brian Gorgas, Vice President of Global Infrastructure Delivery
Chartis Insurance, New York, NY
"It’s not often that you can do something that delivers high business value while also making your most valued employees happy. Since we implemented the Citrix and Dell Wyse solution to enable teleworking, people are happier, more productive, and take fewer sick days. Employees have called me out of the blue to thank me for making it possible for them to greet their kids when they get home from school.”

Douglas Meade, Director of IT
York County School Division, Yorktown, VA
"Even more so than corporate users, students and teachers need robust access devices and prioritize the ability to work outside school buildings and outside school hours – and that’s exactly the challenge that VDI and Dell Wyse thin clients meet so perfectly."

Mike Grosse, CTO
Sullivan University System, Kentucky
"IT is central to the mission of the school.... But like so many universities, we’re feeling the economic crunch....
I knew that to fully benefit from virtualization, I would need endpoint devices
that had no embedded operating system, so that they would simply act as access points for the virtual desktops, without requiring any management of their own."

Robert Dixon, Director of Information Technology
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
"For me, the fact that
we were able to put it on a VDI and access it with Dell Wyse devices means that cloud client computing
is powerful enough to meet the needs of most universities, colleges,
and companies. VDI has come a long way, and our Dell Wyse thin clients bring it to our users in an elegant, user-friendly, and energy-efficient way."


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