Worldwide, huge interest in colima Universal Call Pickup feature for Microsoft Lync

Application for participation in cerebro-beta program is running
(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) colima is a communications software company which provides additional functions, to its corporate customers and system vendor partners, as ready-made modules for Microsoft Lync. In this context, many companies are currently asking for a Call Pickup feature. This widely used "Call Transfer" function in everyday telephony is not yet included in Lync nor provided on hardware phones. With the product Cerebro, colima has now developed a high-quality, flexible and universally functional Pickup feature for Microsoft Lync. Interested companies are currently applying for participation in the Cerebro beta program by colima. There, the universal function call Pickup is included as a standard module. (Application under

Great interest

“Often major projects are on the verge of deciding for or against Lync 2010 due to this supposedly minor feature.” states Matthias Friedrichs, CEO of colima. “In most cases, Call Pickup is used in small teams, where employees have access to the phones and work places of their colleagues and simply pick up a call should the colleague not be at work. Even with managers and secretaries the Pickup function is quite frequently found, for example, if the secretary is not at her workplace and her superior still wants to take a call that is ringing in the hall.” Mr. Friedrichs continues, “Call Pickup is a long known feature of telephone systems, there is virtually no telephone system that does not support such a function.”

Group Call Pickup and Direct Call Pickup

The sense of the Call Pickup function is that an employee can accept a call on his telephone, which is currently ringing on a different phone. In addition he can also “pick” the call during the call. Matthias Engelmann, Head of Product Management at colima explains: "Group Call Pickup" is directed, as its name implies, to a group of employees, in the "old world phone" also often to a group of telephone terminals. Employees can pick up calls from other employees that are configured in the same group without knowing or having to enter the extension number. Direct Pickup on the other hand allows, specific, direct picking up of a call by a specific employee or apparatus. This requires either the extension number to be transferred in the process, a preassigned key or clicking on the corresponding icon on the Desktop Client. The following preview video of the Cerebro Universal Call Pickup illustrates how it functions with Lync

Selecting the right Call Pickup solution

In the meantime there are a handful of vendors worldwide that offer Call Pickup for Microsoft Lync or will soon introduce it to the market. Important when choosing the right product is the answer to questions such as “Does Call Pickup only function between Lync Client to Lync Client or can a call to hardware phones also be picked up?” A comprehensive list of criteria can be found on the blog postet by Matthias Friedrich's on the colima employee blog "UC & beyond". Due to own high demand colima Cerebro Universal Call Pickup fullfills all points mentioned there as the first and only solution worldwide. Because of the unexpected high demand for the feature 'Universal Call Pickup' ", colima will launch the first colima beta release of the Cerebro module" Universal Call Pickup ", which will be followed by other modules. Those who want to apply for participation in the beta program should register as soon as possible due to the many inquiries


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