Canto Cumulus Digital Asset Management Software Upgrade is Available Now

Cumulus Version 8.6 improves both the administrative and end-user experience with 50+new and improved features
Canto launches Cumulus 8.6 (PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Canto today announced the latest version of its flagship Cumulus Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. Cumulus Version 8.6 addresses the growing needs of this market with 50+ new and advanced features.

“In our fast-moving and dynamic environment people need to be able to administer Cumulus anytime, anywhere via a web browser, dispensing with the need to install a native client on a local computer,” said Carsten Hesse, Canto product manager. With Cumulus version 8.6, the web publishing and portal solution Cumulus Sites can be administered in the newly designed user interface (UI), eliminating the need to edit an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file for configuration on the server.

New versioning strides in Cumulus 8.6 mean that users always work with the latest version and no files are lost. The new File System Companion allows administrators to set up event-driven asset locations that “watch” what the user is doing and handle management tasks in the background. This allows automatic version control that stores the entire version history of a document or image. “Companies still spend a lot of time and resources trying to locate the most recent version of a file. Data gets lost or overwritten, especially media and graphics files that are subject to a complex design and production process. Cumulus solves this problem,” stated Canto ceo Ulrich Knocke.

With 50+ enhancements and additions to multilingual support, collaboration and the UI, Canto underlines its commitment to the comprehensive and continuing development of Cumulus. Canto is focused on improving the usability of Cumulus and particularly on integrating our software with the tools that customers are familiar with in their everyday lives. “With Cumulus 8.6 users can now visualize the location of an asset based on GoogleMaps™ geodata stored in the file via Sites,” explained Thomas Schleu, Canto chief technology officer and cofounder.

Cumulus 8.6 is available at no additional charge to customers on active service agreements with Canto. Installers can be downloaded via the Canto Customer Portal. Purchased upgrades are available to customers out of contract. Training and installation assistance is available from Canto Professional Services and Canto partners worldwide.


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