AS Solar GmbH: The largest solar park in the Hannover metro-area is built on the grounds of the former sugar plant in Gross Munzel

On the grounds of the former sugar factory in Gross Munzel, AS Solar has built the largest solar park in the Hannover metro area (PresseBox) (Hannover, ) Munzel is the new home to clean, reliable energy, produced daily in enormous amounts. On behalf of Karl-Heinz Schorn, an investor from Cologne, AS Solar Projekte GmbH has planned and built a 90,000 m2 solar park consisting of nearly 25,000 solar modules. This new, state-of-the-art solar plant provides a peak output of 5.8 MWp, and promises to provide more than 5 million kWh per year, capable of providing nearly 1,500 homes with clean, renewable energy.

The REC and LG modules fit perfectly into place, as the nearest adjacent properties are at least 20 meters away in any direction. SMA provides the inverters. "We are so proud to be able to implement this outstanding project quickly and consistently", said Michael Walkling, CEO of AS Solar Projekte GmbH. "The close collaboration with our partners, as well as the communication with the field neighbors has resulted in very positive, constructive feedback. Through our motto' 30 days of construction, 30 years of peace of mind', we have proven our commitment to the community to provide clean, safe energy for the future." The local Environmental Protection Act helped to realize the quick implementation of the project. We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Walter Zieseniss, the mayor of Barsinghausen, as well as to the Environmental Protection Agency of the Hannover Metro-Area for their support and commitment throughout the project.

The remaining work to connect the park to the E. ON Avacon middle-voltage grid is underway and then it can permanently be referred to as "Clean, safe solar energy production". The system will be automatically monitored, and maintained regularly by the highly experienced AS Solar GmbH.


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