Successful Delivery of a Virtual Reality Training System for Makeshift Bridges

szenaris delivers the CoCBT training system “Foldable Longspan Bridge” to the German Army
The training system is handed over to the German army. (PresseBox) (Bremen, ) After a project duration of 14 months, the training system “Cooperative Computer-Based Training (CoCBT) for the Foldable Longspan Bridge (FLB)” has been successfully handed over to the German army. The existing platform, on which the bridging systems “Amphibian M3” and “Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB)” developed by szenaris are already implemented, has now been extended by the training system “Foldable Longspan Bridge (FLB)”.

The project, which started in April 2011, has been developed on the basis of the existing hardware platform. The platform is already in use since December 2002 with the CoCBT training system “Amphibian M3” in the Herzog-von-Braunschweig barracks in Minden. The CoCBT training system “Improved Ribbon Bridge” followed in October 2008.

An important aspect of this training system is to minimise damages to the bridge laying systems, to impart knowledge about the first steps with these complex bridge laying systems to the future operators and to keep the users in practise.

The cooperation for the operation of diverse military engineer bridging systems is trained in a virtual reality simulation with networked workplaces comprising several PCs each. Using a scalable technology, additional trainee workplaces can be integrated or the view into the virtual world can be enhanced up to a 360° panorama view. Furthermore, additional contents can be added to the system.

Experienced operators from different FLB units have tested the system and concluded that the training system is well thought out, realistically depicted and especially well suitable for the training of novices.


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