Heraeus technology report now available as an iPad app

The first Heraeus app for mobile devices (iPad) can now be downloaded free of charge from the App Store
Title technology report 03 (PresseBox) (Hanau, ) The first Heraeus app, for the Heraeus technology report, is currently available in the Apple App Store. It can be downloaded from the internet via iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/...) or via a mobile device (iPad). This app is designed only for the iPad and provides insightful information on "brain power in blue bottles," revolutionary temperature measurement in aluminum production, the future of endoprosthetics, and how light can be transmitted around tight corners with quartz glass.

The magazine offers a mix of popular and scientific topics that take readers on a journey through the innovative and varied world of products from the 160-year-old precious metals and technology company. Readers learn how Heraeus products are helping customers prove Einstein's theory of relativity, test infrared and UV emitters, and where Heraeus products are hidden in everyday life. The app incorporates videos to complement the articles from the print edition. Technology report can also offered free of charge as a print version in English, German, and Chinese at www.heraeus.com or by e-mail at technologyreport@heraeus.com.


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