WAVE SERIES – 3 Stage Marine Compressors

3 Stage Marine Compressors (PresseBox) (Ahlen, ) 110.0 - 200.7 m3/min, 40 bar l W - 166

Our "Wave Series" products are the "moving sprit of the open seas". Starting the engine on sea is a significant job and we are one of the leading manufacturers of marine compressors worldwide since 1965. If you are looking for stronger performance of your marine compressors and long term use, look no further than Hertz -Kompressoren "Wave Series".

A large number of manufacurers focus on marine compressors all around the world. Numerous industrial applications in the market - like double stage high pressure compressors - try to cover the need of the shipping industry. However, advanced maritime sector demands more than just air. Thus, we at Hertz-Kompressoren produced a 3-Stage Wave Series Compressors for contemporary needs.

All components of W-166 products are developed for lower energy costs. Strongest member of the "Wave Series" produces air of 200 m3/min with 31Kw at 40 bar. Lower energy costs with higher performance is a result of highly trained, experienced engineering of Hertz-Kompressoren.

The "Wave Series" is not just providing an efficient solutions, it also provides user friendly working conditions compared to other applications in the market. Particularly, as a result of using axial wheels, enviromental noise decreases to 83 dB. Additionally, electronic control unit is a standart feature of Wave Series; all working parameters such as outlet temperature and pressure, oil pressure, service and electric parameters can be controlled and monitored by controller panel.

The Models in the new Wave Series are intended to cover the 16 and 31 kW performance classes and produce 110.0 - 200.7 m3/min compressed air at 40 bar.


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