XIMEA's xiQ USB 3.0 Camera Takes Center Stage at International Vision Standards Meeting

XIMEA CEO Max Larin (center, green shirt) talks with other attendees of the AIA/EMVA USB 3 Vision standard development plugfest held in Dresden, Germany (PresseBox) (Münster, ) XIMEA's xiQ USB 3.0 industrial camera took center stage during the recent Vision Standards Meeting plugfest hosted by AIA and EMVA in Dresden, Germany. During the plugfest, XIMEA's xiQ was the only commercially available industrial camera capable of communicating with all three USB 3.0-compatible image processing libraries at the plugfest: National Instrument's LabVIEW, Matrix Vision's mvIMPACT, and Basler's Pylon driver package.

More than 20 leading machine vision companies participated in the Vision Standards Meeting to make comments on the new USB 3 Vision(TM) standard, which is expected to be released in November 2012, as well as GigE Vision® 2.0 and GenICam(TM) standards.

"While we don't have a final USB 3 Vision(TM) standard yet, our ability to communicate with all three software programs at the plugfest is strong evidence that XIMEA's xiQ series of industrial cameras will be USB 3 Vision(TM) compatible this fall when AIA and EMVA release the final standard," says Max Larin, co-CEO of XIMEA Gmbh (Münster, Germany).

"We're very pleased with both the progress of the standard, as well as our hardware design compatibility with major software implementations of the USB 3.0 ecosystem," adds Larin. "We were also able to preview Windows 8 against the proposed USB 3 Vision(TM) standard. XIMEA strives to offer cutting-edge machine vision hardware that is built to the latest standards and compatible with all major commercial image processing programs."

The North American and European machine vision trade associations, AIA and EMVA, respectively, co-host two Vision Standards Meetings each year. Following the official release of the USB 3 Vision(TM) standard this November, participants are looking forward to the next Vision Standards Meeting, which is expected to be held sometime next spring in Korea.


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