A Vitronic white paper presents the advantages of optical seam inspection in industrial welding and soldering processes

In a new white paper, Vitronic presents how camera-based, automated welded seam inspection systems optimize the quality, costs and efficiency of inspection processes.
Viro wsi prüft Schweiß- und Lötnähte vollautomatisch (PresseBox) (Wiesbaden, ) The white paper, which can be requested free at http://www.vitronic.de/en/seaminspection, describes various aspects including which companies automated seam inspection is suitable for, which materials can be inspected and how camera-based seam inspection works.

The method can be used to inspect seams using the latest generation of sensors and combined 2D/3D inspection. In some circumstances, this even allows seams to be inspected if the geometric features (e.g. seam without profils) are missing and the seam cannot be recorded in 3D. Contrasts caused by discoloration or structural changes at the seam location are also recognized reliably.

An overview of the key benefits of camera-based seam inspection systems:
• One hundred percent safe inspection of the quality of all relevant welded and soldered seams
• Reliable application for steel, aluminum and other materials
• Reduced parts scrap
• Automatic alarm when defined warning limits are exceeded allows deviations in the joining processes to be eliminated early
• Documentation and archiving of product quality using the inspection results as verification for the customer
• Statistical analyses form the basis for process optimizations and cost reductions
• Pays for itself quickly after just a year of operation
• Long-term optimization of welding quality thanks to inspec-tion stability

As well as presenting areas of use and the benefits compared to manual visual inspection, the white paper offers important practical tips for the optimum integration of the weld seam inspection systems and for choosing the right provider.

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