hyperMILL® 2012 in the spotlight

OPEN MIND: AMB 2012 - A complete success
Großes Besucherinteresse bei OPEN MIND auf der AMB (Bildquellen: OPEN MIND) (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) An onslaught of visitors and questions on the new 2012 version of the hyperMILL® CAM software - AMB 2012 was a complete success for OPEN MIND. Visitors searching for increased efficiency in their NC manufacturing were visibly impressed by the software's automatic programming options and machining strategies.

A BMW ALPINA show car at the OPEN MIND stand was a true visitor magnet that demonstrated the role hyperMILL® software plays in NC manufacturing at ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG.

The perfect tool path

Like a race car driver looking for the perfect racing line, OPEN MIND strives to continue to optimise tool paths in NC manufacturing. Pocket milling has been improved in the 3D roughing area. As a result, when machining pockets, the ramp can be moved continuously in one direction. The pocket is then cleared from the outside in. Advantage: Thanks to the continuous inward movement of the ramp, the tool path is optimised, and zig-zag movements are avoided. The job linking function can also be used for 2D machining with hyperMILL® 2012. Multiple machining steps that use the same tool can be combined into a single job, thereby reducing fast travel and redundant movements.

Visitors to the trade fair were presented with further examples of improvements in 5axis machining, such as axial sorting of boundary settings or new strategies for machining impellers and blisks.

Automatic selection of machining strategies

hyperMILL® 2012 provides other new features that help to reduce programming and manufacturing times. For example, the new 'adaptive pocket' machining mode allows for automated programming of rectangular pockets. Individual parts of a machining job are automatically classified into the categories closed and open pockets or rectangular levels. Depending on how accessible the section is for the tool and its size in relation to the pocket contour, hyperMILL® automatically selects the most suitable machining method: spiral, contour-parallel or peeling.


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