Enso Detego asset management software tracks item location and condition status

(PresseBox) (Graz, ) Enso Detego GmbH, a market leader in RFID software solutions for fashion supply chain management, announced today an asset management solution which allows tracking and tracing of items, including their condition status, during work in process, transport and storage.

The Enso Detego asset tracking software solution, based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, allows accurate tracking of assets by location or by other categories. The flexible software can generate early alerts of the required asset maintenance, repair or replacement schedules. The solution allows customers to improve their efficiency in production, in field assignments or during transportation and storage of goods.

“Our asset management solution perfectly addresses the needs of many construction, manufacturing and maintenance firms, food and beverage distributors and even emergency teams”, says Matjaz Novak, Marketing Director at Enso Detego. “When it comes to accounting for essential hand tools required in production, life-saving equipment for rescue missions, or tracking and tracing of perishable goods conditions, our solution can significantly improve the operational efficiency of the companies”.

In addition to tracking asset location and time, Enso Detego’s asset management solution is also able to monitor the condition of products moving through the supply chain. This software permanently logs the environmental data such as temperature, humidity, shock or vibration, or lock condition of individual packing units. Customers can efficiently monitor their goods as they move through the supply chain and comply with safety regulations.

Matthias Weitlaner, Head of Software Development at Enso Detego adds: “A user can access his asset data from the web at any time and from any location. Our software is hosted in the cloud therefore there is no need for the user to install any asset management specific IT system at his premises. We offer our customers a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution.”

The Enso Detego asset management solution will be demonstrated at our booth at IT & Business Trade Show in Stuttgart from October 23 to 25, at booth # 3F18 in Hall 3.


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