EC-Master EtherCAT Master Stack Running on Linux/64-Bit and Linux/PPC

(PresseBox) (Weingarten, ) Since EC-Master V2.5 acontis technologies provides its EtherCAT Master Stack with support for Linux/64-Bit, Linux/PPC and Linux/32-Bit. Using the Realtime Preemption patch for the Linux kernel, an optimized Link Layer for the network adapter and DC synchronization the EC-Master perfectly suits the requirements of sophisticated EtherCAT applications like Motion controllers.

Connecting an HMI to the EC-Master Motion application can be easily accomplished using a Client-Server-connection. The common, but not only way is to connect an Windows based .NET HMI-application via an existing TCP/IP connection like Ethernet to the IPC. All diagnostic and service functionality can be platform-independently consumed at the HMI. An example for how to create an .NET service application comes with the EC-Master.

Configuring the network with the acontis EC-Engineer is probably the fastest and best way, but the EC-Master can operate with any EtherCAT network configuration file complying to the ETG.2100 ENI specification.

The DC synchronization is just one functionality of the Class A license and can be combined with additional feature packs like cable redundancy and Hot Connect. Cable redundancy, Hot Connect and RAS combines robustness and comfort at EC-Master EtherCAT application usage and service.

Supporting Linux/64-Bit, Linux/PPC and Linux/32-Bit acontis proves once again the portability of the EC-Master and paves the way for EtherCAT on Open Source Operating Systems.


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