New series of portable compressors: HPA Series

Mobile Schraubenkompressoren (PresseBox) (Ahlen, ) Hertz-Kompressoren recently launched a new series of portable compressor: HPA Series. The new generation of the HPA Series is tailored to the specific needs of various industries which need mobile solutions.

The new design of the HPA Series combines all expectations. Smartness, silence, efficiency are all combined in one compact product. The HPA Series is designed with direct driven technology which reduces mechanical power loss. As a result of that more pressurized air is generated with less fuel. Moreover, the HPA Series Mobile Rotary Screw Compressors come with the biggest fuel tank in its segment - which provides longer working duration. Engine and air end are both controlled by air demand via variable-speed control method to save fuel and reduce operating cost consequently.

The HPA Series contains many designs that ensure superior performance. After cooler system and water separator marks major advancements in increasing performance and protection. Furthermore, new control system provides easy and quick use for consumers.

Hertz Kompressoren rotary screw mobile compressor provides better advantages to its customers for all working environments.


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