FOBA DP30FGS: New Fiber Laser Marker for High-Resolution Grayscale Marking on ID cards and security documents

DP30FGS (PresseBox) (Selmsdorf/Lüdenscheid, ) FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving introduces new fiber laser marking system for the reliable, fast and flexible grayscale marking on ID cards and security related documents.

The diode-pumped fiber laser marker FOBA DP30FGS was especially developed for high-security marking applications in identification (ID), authentication and personalization. The system marks sensitive and security documents (ID cards, smart cards, bank cards, badges, driver's licenses, passports) counterfeit-proof, accurate and fast. The Q-switched 30W grayscale fiber laser applies all industry-wide stipulated contents both in best marking quality and high-resolution: owner-related data, photos, graphics and logos, 2D codes, Multiple Laser Images (MLI), Changeable Laser Images (CLI) and tactile markings.

Counterfeit-Proof and Fast

DP30FGS markings are generated as counterfeit-proof color changes (the marking is produced below the surface), as tactile marks (tangible marks from modification of topmost surface) or as combination of both marking processes. At the same time, DP30FGS applies all required marking contents 10% faster than comparable equipment.

New Process for Grayscale Modulation Ensures Best Marking Quality and Easy Setup

With DP30FGS, grayscales - which are especially relevant for high-resolution passport photos and grayscale images - are generated utilizing a specially developed FOBA process which allows for the precise setting of each pulse regardless of the previous one. This is new and advantageous versus conventional laser systems for grayscale marking as best marking results and highest resolutions can now be achieved at high marking speeds. In addition, parameter setup is simple, fast and repeatable: The omission of the first pulse substantially simplifies the grayscale alignment on various materials and reduces product scrap from mismarkings.

Advantages of Fiber Lasers Provide for Little Operating Costs

Compared to conventional Vanadate grayscale marking lasers DP30FGS comes up with 30% lower operating costs due to the advantages of maintenance-free fiber lasers: This is ensured by the long-life beam source and the high diode lifetime (> 50.000 hours), the efficient air cooling and the outstanding beam quality of the fiber based grayscale marking laser.

Patented process for the creation of MLIs and CLIs

Until now, forgery-proof reversible figures, Multiple Laser Images (MLI) and Changeable Laser Images (CLI), could only be created by tilting the card or the document. With DP30FGS and by use of a patented FOBA process, these documents can now be marked with MLIs and CLIs without extravagantly tilting and moving the card.

More flexibility

Four focusing lenses are available for DP30FGS. Marking fields from 70x70mm to 185x185mm offer more flexibility for various applications. The most compact mechanical design and 19-inch supply rack of the air-cooled grayscale fiber laser marker allow for easy installation, and the wall and floor mounting options ensure flexible integration in production lines and machines.


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