Version 9.2 with application filter: gateprotect next-generation firewall available with immediate effect

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) gateprotect AG Germany is now offering Version 9.2 of its next-generation firewall solution with an extended set of features. This is the first time that an application filter has been integrated in addition to the latest security and network features. The Hamburg-based specialist in IT security now offers its customers a sustainable solution to cope with changing conditions and future challenges in IT security and data protection, along with its usual reliable performance, security and stability.

This upgrade is gateprotect's response to the fact that these days companies must follow an entirely different approach to managing security risks in IT networks. "Unlike just a few years ago, it is no longer sufficient today to filter data on the basis of ports and protocols and to block individual pages", says Stephan Ziegler, CTO at gateprotect, when explaining the need for an application filter.

"Next-generation firewalls must now exercise stricter control over data packages and the information provided in them."

These days, cyber attacks are based on highly specialised software, with complex programming, constant updates and numerous means of penetrating a company's network. Web-based user programs and social networks, microblogging and streaming all offer an ideal target for malware. This type of software makes use of the existing communication structure of the corporate network or the architecture of individual applications and is extremely difficult to trace.

While URL and content filters can only prevent or limit the download of unacceptable pages and content, application filters are able to go into more detail and only block certain aspects of a service or website.

An application filter records the data traffic, evaluates it and analyses the data packages. The company's IT security administrator compiles rules for the network environment on the basis of these results, ensuring that these rules are in keeping with corporate policy and are able to offer maximum protection against possible attacks.

"The combination of an effective application filter to the URL & Content filters already included in the next generation UTM firewall security solutions provided by gateprotect, means V9.2 delivers a complete set of technology solutions that our customers value, appreciate, and can - through our patented eGUI - easily apply to secure their corporate networks", maintains Stephan Ziegler.

The next-generation firewall version 9.2 with its integrated application filter is available via the partner network ( of gateprotect with immediate effect.

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