- No more unprofessional freemail for small business

(PresseBox) (London, ) Long have we been a nation of the FREE email address. How many times have we been sitting behind a white van man in traffic and been bemused by the fact they are still using a freemail address like for business. Memorable, it isn't! has been launched to bring better shorter .biz email address alternatives to small business traders across the UK.

Switching to a professional email through, is quick, easy and requires no technical expertise. encourages businesses to trade-in their long and clunky,,, and improve their business profile and individuality. The campaign is targeted towards helping all SMBs, from sole traders to small businesses across the UK, to show that they mean business with a .biz email and enabling them to reach more customers. also provides easy and effective tips, tools, videos, links and other resources for small businesses to promote themselves online at a low cost. has teamed up with to offer growing businesses more than 50% off a .biz, with a free online email trial so they can start using their new, professional name immediately. No hassle and no technical know-how needed - quick and easy.

Benefits of .biz for small businesses to consider are things like:
- Short and easy name to remember
- Using your business name properly in your email address gives you better credibility as a business person or company
- Be creative and get the name you want - much wider choice of good names than .com and
- .biz is ideal for small business
- Free tools, videos and advice for Social media, SEO and general marketing - making you look more professional and stand out from the competition at

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