ProCall 4+ Enterprise from ESTOS with Kuando Busylight UC

The Unified Communications and CTI solution from ESTOS now supports Kuando Busylight UC as a way to make offices more productive
(PresseBox) (Starnberg, ) Based on technical cooperation between ESTOS, the independent Unified Communications (UC) software vendor from Starnberg in Germany and Plenom, a specialized vendor of intelligent office equipment in Denmark, both parties have just made their solutions interoperable. In combination with Kuando Busylight UC from Plenom, the latest version of ProCall Enterprise now provides additional presence status signals on Microsoft Windows-based desktop PCs. When you are listening to a phone call or focusing on an important project, you do not want to be interrupted, because returning your concentration to your original tasks after an interruption will take at least five minutes. To solve this problem, the independent Unified Communications (UC) software vendor ESTOS has implemented plug’n’play interoperability between the latest version of ProCall Enterprise and Kuando Busylight UC. This way everyone in an office can see, whether the desired colleague is available for a conversation, busy on the phone, or simply does not want to be disturbed.

Misunderstandings can easily arise from the increased use of headsets in office environments, because it may not be obvious at first glance, if the desired contact person is busy on the phone and therefore doesn’t want to be disturbed. Today, Unified Communications software running on a desktop or a mobile phone typically provides presence information, which shows a person’s various presence states, such as: available, busy, do not disturb, offline. For the first time, Kuando Busylight UC uses the presence information from the ESTOS ProCall Enterprise Unified Communications software to display precisely this information via a multicolored LED. Thus, colleagues will be informed immediately about whether a person is busy on the phone or available for a conversation.

Kuando Busylight UC is a Windows-applicable USB device, which can be automatically detected by ProCall Enterprise and which integrates the appropriate ProCall presence status information. Busylight is a specially designed LED light, which can be mounted on any PC monitor. This powerful LED light will adjust its color scheme to match the ProCall Enterprise presence state engine and show the current ProCall status.

ESTOS is one of the first Unified Communications & CTI software vendors worldwide to be able to provide plug’n’play support for the Kuando Busylight UC device and underlines with this integration the companies leading role in the market of UC and CTI solutions for small and medium enterprises.

The combination of both products is available from ALLNET, Germany’s leading UC distributor located in Germering near Munich, Germany. During the initial launch period, ALLNET is offering limited solution packages at special pricing.


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