Looking for Business Partnership in Germany

Looking for Business Partnership in Germany (PresseBox) (München, ) KODIMA, one of the leading Automotive Stamping Die Manufacturer, has finally hit the road to Germany.

As a successful Automotive Stamping Die Manufacturer, KODIMA welcomes the opportunity to meet potential Business Partners and Sales Reps in Germany.

KODIMA fulfills the needs of the Global Automotive Stamping Industry in the followingt 4 areas:

1. Body Panel Stamping Die Manufacturing
2. BIW Welding JIG Manufacturing
3. Engineering/Simulation
4. Supervising

We are the specialized body panel stamping die manufacturer in Korea.
Most employees of our company used to work in Hyundai Motors and its Tier-1 suppliers;
We have excellent techniques and strong networks with other cooperating firms in Korea.

We are well-known as the company with systematical and thorough management (from the design to Home Line T/O), and a perfectionist since we never ship our products until we are 100% satisfied with them.

Based on thorough management and superior technology, we have been providing Body Panel Dies and performing SE Service to Global Auto-makers like VW, BMW, FIAT, PSA, FORD, NISSAN, etc.

We always try our best efforts to provide our customers with products at a very competent price in HIGH QUALITY, also in a very SHORT TIME.

In addition, we have excellent staffs who will guide you with their brilliant ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the products you order.

For more information, please visit our website: www.kodima.com


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